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We all need help sometimes. Find out how you can get the assistance you need.


Join our amazing team of volunteers and help us fight hunger.


Coastal Serve is always grateful for donations of food, money, and more.

Our Mission

We all need help sometimes. That’s why Coastal Serve exists: to help the communities in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Portsmouth. We’re here to partner with families that are living paycheck to paycheck and have to decide between paying bills and buying food. 


As a non-profit organization, we rely on donations and volunteer hours to meet the needs of the struggling working-class and senior citizens. Whether you need assistance or are looking for ways to help, get in touch with us today with your questions.


Coastal Serve is a mobile food pantry that goes to where the needs are.


When we arrive, you have the option to come on the truck and make the food choices that best suit your family’s needs.

Privately Funded

Coastal Serve proudly partners with members of the community to fight hunger.

Proud Partners

Fill the Tank!

It takes $75 to fill the gas tank.
Consider a one-time or recurring donation of $75 to fill the tank!